As You Like It in Esperanto: Washington, DC, 1910

2010 was the 100th anniversary of the 6th Universal Congress of Esperanto in Washington, DC, which Zamenhof himself attended. It was reported in the daily press of all of the major Washington newspapers. I researched this and related matters extensively and reported on it during the centennial year, in an interview on National Public Radio, a talk with slide show at the annual national congress of Esperanto USA in the Washington area, and in a similar talk as a part of a symposium at the UN on Zamenhof's birthday, at which Esperanto-speaker George Soros made a surprise appearance.

Some of my documentation can be found in a special section of my web site:

The Esperanto press of course reported on the congress as well.  Here is my outline of the contents, with links to some specific items, of:

Amerika Esperantisto, vol. 8, no. 3, Oct. 1910

Note that Shakespeare's play As You Like It -- Kiel Plaĉas al Vi -- was performed in Esperanto translation by non-Esperantist actors on Tuesday, August 16, the third day of the conference.

A series of Shakespeare's plays was promised for the 1907 Universal Congress in Cambridge, UK:

Shakespeare in EsperantoThe New York Times, April 10, 1907

The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC posted an article from its web site on Facebook on May 11:

As You Like It in Esperanto: Washington, DC, 1910, by Sarah Hovde, November 16, 2015

As they say, it's a small world, also because I live in the same neighborhood as the Folger Shakespeare Library, and my late beloved Evelyn, the 12th anniversary of whose death is today, was a Shakespeare buff and a volunteer there.

The library's catalog entry lists the date of the play's performance by the Hickamen Players as August 15, I will have to check other sources to confirm whether it was the 15th or 16th. Hovde extensively documents the performance, with links to reports in the American press. Bravo!

According to her report, this was the Hickman Players' first (and last) play performed in Esperanto, the first Esperanto play performed in the USA, and the first Esperanto translation of As You Like It.

The translation can be accessed and downloaded from Google Books:

Kiel plaĉas al vi: komedio en kvin aktoj de William Shakespeare; tradukis Dro. Ivy Kellerman [Reed]; speciale tradukita por, kaj ludita ce La Sesa Internacia Kongreso de Esperanto. Washington, D.C., USONO: La Sesa Internacia Kongreso de Esperanto, 1910.

Some time ago I was asked by Humphrey Tonkin to research what other documentation I could dig up on this. Maybe someday...

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