Lou Harrison (1917-2003), composer & Esperantist

I'm guessing it was in the late 1980s when I purchased Lou Harrison's recording of his composition "La Koro Sutro", which in Esperanto means "The Heart Sutra".

Some years later, while spending hours rifling through the unsorted dollar bins at Strand Books in New York, if not the main book store at Broadway and 12th then the newer store at Fulton Street, I chanced across this find:

Joys and Perplexities: Selected Poems of Lou Harrison

All I remember about the book is that Harrison designed his own font. Until I unearth my copy from wherever it's buried, I won't be able to refresh my memory whether any of the poems were written in Esperanto. Until then, I'll just put this down as one of those treasures one finds in book hunts in the cheapie bins where no one cares.

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