Juda kosmopolitismo, Zamenhof, & la aktuala morala krizo

La aŭtoro maltranvilas pri la stato de la juda popolo kaj naciismo. Li deziras, ke judoj denove funckiu kiel liberaliga pontopopolo inter diversaj kulturoj. Li pensas pri la aktuala konflikto pri islamanoj en eŭropaj landoj.

The results of this closing of the national soul are very sad. For the first time in millennia, we are not at the forefront of influence on the world. In the past, there was hardly an era in which we did not have an influence. Take Jesus, for example. His teachings and values sprang from the Jewish core of the Second Temple period. Those who sowed the European renaissance included descendants of Jewish Marranos, who brought the wisdom and achievements of ancient Greece, which had been preserved by the moderate and tolerant Muslim philosophers, back home.

It is impossible to decipher the codes of modern times without Spinoza or Moses Mendelsohn. And what would the previous century have been like without Marx and his communism, on one hand, or Freud and the individual soul, on the other? That period also produced Trotsky, Zamenhof and others, and their dreams.
SOURCE: "The Jewish people's new task" by Avraham Burg, Haaretz, 10.09.07.

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