Szathmári's Kazohinia: more recent reviews

The review in the Wall Street Journal I cited in my previous post is getting some traction, linked from other sites. Here are some more recent links of relevance.

Book Review: Voyage to Kazohinia
Summer 2012 — ForeWord Review
Leia Menlove, May 31, 2012

The reviewer is at least observant: she notes key features and perspective of the Hins. She doesn't discuss the Behins though, and she errs in asserting that this is one of few Esperanto novels: there are much more than a few.
The Strange World of Sándor Szathmári July 9, 2012 by ppmhungary
Unintelligent but favorable.
Voyage to Kazohinia - Bookshare
Synopsis with favorable remarks. No reviews yet: the field is wide open.
Voyage to Kazohinia - Szathmári Sándor: an overview of the reviews and critical reactions
I'm pretty sure I've referenced this page before, but I see it's being kept up to date.
New Press to Publish Books on Eastern Bloc
By Judith Rosen
Publishers Weekly, Jul 02, 2012

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