Guardian Books podcast: Minority languages

Guardian Books podcast: Saving minor language literature and a Welsh festival, 29 June 2012 (29 min)

Here is the extended description of the podcast (emphasis mine). The entire program is well worth a listen. The Gubbins Esperanto segment can be found at 7:50 - 15:55 min.

In this week's podcast, we turn our eyes – and ears – to the literature of minority languages. Claire Armitstead speaks to Clive Boutle, of publisher Francis Boutle, about his Lesser Used Languages of Europe series, and discusses the pleasures and problems of bringing out anthologies of Galician, Breton, Norman, Manx and Cornish writing. She also talks to Paul Gubbins, co-editor of the Esperanto magazine Monato, about the benefits of a truly international language.

Finally, as the inaugural bilingual Dinefwr Literature Festival opens, Sarah Crown asks National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke about the challenges of representing a country with a substantial literary tradition in two different languages.

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