Sciencfikcio & Esperanto (15): Polymorph

Documenting the presence of Esperanto in English-language science fiction could prove an endless task. Here's an intriguing novel I discovered at SF Site:

Polymorph by Scott Westerfeld. Roc Books, 276 pages. A review by Thomas Myer

According to Westerfield, the concept behind the novel was inspired by the variegated and protean character of New York City in the 1980s. Myer highly recommends this novel. Among its charms:
"And did I mention the oh-so-cool Payday club, that every week moves to a new locale, mirroring the protean twists on selfhood, where hackers, slackers, and slummers caress the infrabass hip-hop? Or the epic operas based on international energy treaties, sung in Esperanto, and staged on giant chessboards?"

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