Frigyes Karinthy en Esperanto (9) ... & in English & French

The author of 50 Watts (whose previous blog was named after Karinthy's work: A Journey Round My Skull) specializes in book design and illustration. He compiled all his former posts on Frigyes Karinthy into one. The editions depicted are English and French translations, and this Esperanto translation:

The respective entry reads:
October 31, 2007: Here's a nice cover for a 1980 edition of Voyage to Faremido in Esperanto.

I sometimes feel like I'm wallowing in obscure books, but a book has to be pretty popular to make it into Esperanto!
This edition of Vojaĝo al Faremido & Kapilario (Hungara Esperanto-Asocio, Budapest, 1980) can be found at the link, and elsewhere on the web.) This is the updated link to that given on the blog.

Also, here is a PDF version:

Vojaĝo al Faremido de Frigyes Karinthy, trad. L. Totsche (Inko, 2003. Revizio de eldono de 1933)

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