Victor Martin, Romanian science fiction, & Esperanto

Romanian science fiction author Victor Martin (1954 - ) turns up in some but not all articles in English on Romanian science fiction:

Romania (The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)

Here Martin is only mentioned in a list of Romanian SF writers. Martin is not mentioned at all in these sources:

Science Fiction in Romania since the 1990 revolution

A brief history of Science Fiction in Romania up to 1990

On Romanian speculative fiction

To learn more about him, you will have to read in Romanian. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Victor Martin. In the online Romanian science fiction journal Revista Societăţii Române de Science Fiction şi Fantasy you can read, in Romanian, this interview:

Victor Martin, Oct 3, 2009 de Marian Truta

I have not found any English translations of Martin, but there is a translation of one of his stories in Esperanto, in Beletra Almanako #4 (feb 2009), a special issue of this literary magazine devoted to fantasy and science fiction:

Victor Martin: Ĉio en ordo (trad. Ionel Oneţ) ( = Everything in Order, or Everything OK)

Ionel Onet, who translated this story, is a Romanian Esperantist who has translated Romanian surrealist and other avant-garde writers and writings of sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Via translations such as this, I can get access to literature which may not turn up in English, as well as literature that does.

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