Zamenhof's 150th birthday in the Jewish Daily Forward

Here is an interesting old article just brought to my attention:

Zamenhof Days: December 15 and the Polish Jewish inventor of Esperanto
By Benjamin Ivry, Bintel Blog,
The Jewish Daily Forward, December 14, 2009

The occasion is the commemoration of L.L. Zamenhof's 150th birthday, particularly the Zamenhof Symposium at the U.N. featuring Esther Schor, Anna Okrent, and others.

Zamenhof's doctrine homaranismo is mentioned, as is daughter Lidia's involvement in the Bahá’í Faith, and the murder of all of three of Zamenhof's children by the Nazis.

William Shatner and the 1965 film Incubus, the creation of The Outer Limits TV series creator Leslie Stevens, are mentioned, with embedded video:

Also, there is another video I've never seen before, Jon Stewart's The Daily Show's parody of Incubus, "reported" by Mo Rocca:

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