Srikanth Reddy's poem ‘Fundamentals of Esperanto’ unabridged

My previous post about Srikanth Reddy's poem included a link to the text and sound file of an extract from this poem. Here is a link to a sound file of the complete poem 'Fundamentals of Esperanto'.

For the most part I do not find this poem particularly poetic; it sounds like prose artificially divided into verses.

Note also Reddy's poem 'Corruption' with commentary by Andrew Wessels. Reddy's poem 'Corruption (II)' appears at Versoteque in streamed format, with an error: 'words' is rendered here as 'adverbs'. An excerpt from 'Corruption (II)' appears in The Conlanger's Library. Reddy recites both poems accompanying a post 'Found poetry' by Lydialyle Gibson.

All three poems were published in the volume Facts for Visitors (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2004).

Probal Dasgupta's Esperanto translations of all three poems appear in the literary journal Beletra Almanako # 23, junio 2015.

Supre vi trovos retligojn (tekstojn kaj sonregistraĵojn) al la anglalingvaj originaloj de tri poemoj de Srikanth Reddy. Tradukoj de Probal Daŝgupto 'Elementoj de Esperanto', 'La koruptiĝo', kaj 'La koruptiĝo (II)' aperas en Beletra Almanako n-ro 23, junio 2015, p. 62-67, sub titolo 'Poemoj el ĝemela planedo pri Esperanto kaj pri la lingvaneco'.

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