Endre Tóth, Omaĝe / Homage to Endre Tóth

I wrote an homage in English to one of the greatest of Esperantist storytellers, the blind Hungarian composer and writer Endre Tóth:

A Memorial Tribute to Endre Toth

This followed upon my translation of Tóth's brilliant story "Groto" into English:

"Cave" by Endre Tóth, a philosophical tale 

As a result, I was contacted by an old friend of Tóth. Some years later I published what he wrote me about his friend:

Remembering Endre Tóth: Some Preliminary Notes by Lester Shepard

More recently, I translated both these pieces into Esperanto. They have been published in the most recent issue of Beletra Almanako, and so the rest of this post will be in Esperanto.

Post mia aperigo de la supre-menciitaj verkoj en la angla, mi tradukis la du omaĝojn al Endre Tóth al Esperanto por publikigo en Beletra Almanako, n-ro 17, junio 2013:

  • Ralph Dumain: Memor-omaĝo al Endre Tóth (p. 104)
  • Lester Shepard: Memore pri Endre Tóth: Kelkaj notoj (trad. Ralph Dumain) (p. 105-107)

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