Lukács & tragedy / tragedio (2)

I still need a translation from Lukacs' 1955 Hungarian essay on Imre Madach's The Tragedy of Man.

I succeeded in getting someone to translate from German an extract on Hungarian drama from an early work by Lukács. The German and the English are now on my web site:

I also digitized the choicest philosophical passages from a famous 1910 essay in Soul and Form:

The Metaphysics of Tragedy: Excerpts by Georg Lukács

Though this is not related to the theme of tragic drama, note again my uploaded essay by Lukács in Esperanto translation on the counterrevolutionary reaction to the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Republic:

Kontraŭrevoluciaj fortoj dum la hungara proletara diktaturo de György Lukács
[Counterrevolutionary Forces during the Hungarian Proletarian Dictatorship]

I cannot find this in English. There are a couple British anthologies of Lukács' political writings I have not seen. But in the familiar anthologies, nothing: Tactics and Ethics would have been the place to find this piece.

So we continue to fight the language barrier as we pursue our scholarship.

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