Strangled Cries: Life & Poetry of Julius Balbin, Holocaust survivor & Esperantist

Strangled Cries: A profile of poet Julius Balbin by Alexander Kharkovsky

This is an interview with Holocaust survivor, Esperantist, and poet Julius Balbin, with samples of his poetry, which he wrote in both English and Esperanto, largely about his experiences in Nazi concentration camps.

I met Balbin at least once, I think it was at an Esperanto meeting in New York City in 1987. I had been forwarned that he was moody, but in fact on this occasion he was quite jovial. At this meeting he recited from some sketch he had written about Esperanto grammar and was quite humorous.

Balbin was invited to participate in a symposium on Esperanto and the Holocaust on December 5, 1995 at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, organized by the Esperanto Society of Washington, but it turned out that he was unable to make it.


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