Esperanto in anarchist schools

While I do not think very highly of the intellectual culture of anarchism, anarchists made an undeniable contribution in radical education. Esperanto often featured prominently in their offerings. Here is one example.

I would argue that many of the anarchist schools at the beginning of the twentieth century were at least as teacher-centred as the progressive schools. La Ruche, Sébastien Faure’s school at Rambouillet in France, much admired by Emma Goldman (1907: 390ff.) had the following timetable:
Esperanto was taught on Thursday afternoons.

SOURCE: Gribble, David. "Good News for Francisco Ferrer – How Anarchist Ideals in Education Have Survived Around the World," in Changing Anarchism: Anarchist Theory and Practice in a Global Age, edited by Jonathan Purkis and James Bowen (Manchester; New York: Manchester University Press, 2004), p. 184.

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