Anti-Americanism as radical chic, voluntary association, & Esperantists

Claudio Véliz

This is a stereotypical anti-leftist (and perhaps anti-rightist as well) tract, but I mention it because it mentions Esperanto:

The problem is that good laws efficiently and fairly administered, successful voluntary organizations, clubs and neighborhood or national associations of patchwork quilters, skiers, anarchists, vintage car collectors, socialists, orchid growers, bungee-jumpers, ornithologists, mountain climbers, cake-decorators, and Esperanto speakers, as well as the immensely civilized civic and political ambit that enables all these diverse activities to prosper, are not readily exportable and certainly lack the visibility and undemanding acceptability of, say, blue jeans, rap, skate boards, baseball caps, exposed navels, poker, tattoos, soft drinks, hamburgers, Broadway musicals, jazz, chewing gum, breast implants, skyscrapers, basketball, hot dogs, and the Internet.

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