Solresol web guide / retgvidilo

Jen retgvidilo pri muzika lingvo Solresol, kreaĵo de la 19a jarcento. Rigardu ankaŭ blogeron "Solresol Vivas!"

I have already written about contemporary interest in Solresol, Sudre's 19th century musical language, in Esperanto under the title "Solresol Vivas!" on this blog. Now see my guide to Solresol on the web, a section of my Esperanto & Interlinguistics Study Guide.

Amazon.com lists this curious monograph:

Musical Languages: Whistled Languages, Pirahã Language, Supyire Language, Language of the Birds, Silbo Gomero Language, Solresol, Soundpainting. Books LLC, 2010.

The chapter on Solresol in Paul Collins' Banvard's Folly is based on an article in McSweeney's, which also includes diagrams at the end of the article:

The Strange and Epic and Tragic Trajectory of Solresol, The Universal Musical Language, and of Its Creator, Monsieur Sudre,” McSweeney’s 5, pp. 50-66.

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