A Curious Expedition to Esperanto-land

Welcome to the web site Curious Expeditions: "We, your humble explorers, are devoted to unearthing and documenting the wondrous, the macabre, and the obscure from around the globe." They have not overlooked Esperanto in their adventures.

Here is a beautifully presented introduction to Esperanto:

Doktoro Esperanto, December 8th, 2007

Here, with some nice images, one will learn about Teodoro Schwartz and his son George Soros, William Shatner and Incubus, the Esperanto Museum in Vienna, products with Esperanto names, the Republic of Rose Island whose official language was Esperanto, and persecutions of the Zamenhof family, the Esperanto movement, and Esperantists.

There are two other blog entries mentioning Esperanto:

A Steampunk Galaxy, December 3rd, 2007

"Vienna is the place to go for obscure museums. From the Undertaker’s Museum to the Clown and Circus Museum to the Esperanto Museum, it is nigh impossible to decide which to see during a short visit."

Gloomy Sunday, July 16th, 2008
"Following the worldwide press of the song that drove people to their deaths, Gloomy Sunday became a hit, covered by more than 40 artists around the globe, in many different languages (including our favorite, Esperanto)."

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