Kazohinia reviewed in English in 1948!

Jen anglalingvaj recenzo + anonco jam en 1948, pri la hungara eldono de Kazohinia en 1946:

Tracking down references to Sándor Szathmári's work in English is no small task, and they are not plentiful. No English translation was published until 1975, though of course those conversant with the Hungarian or Esperanto version could have written about Voyage to Kazohinia in English.  The second Hungarian edition appeared in 1946, immediately after the war, finally in an uncensored edition. I was surprised to find it reviewed in a prominent English-language review journal, already in 1948!

The reviewer reports that the novel is a best-seller in Hungary, suggesting that the nation is soul-sick. He credits the novel with originality and points out a few of its features, but in the end doesn't seem to have really understood it.

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