Robert Zend (1929-1985): Hungarian-Canadian writer . . . & Esperantist

Robert Zend
Here is the 13th episode of my podcast series Studies in a Dying Culture, under the auspices of Think Twice Radio:

5/26/17 Robert Zend: Between Budapest & Toronto, Between Zero & One, Between Dream & Reality
Robert Zend (1929-1985) was a Hungarian-Canadian multimedia writer, who emigrated from Hungary in 1956 and established himself in Toronto, Canada. I present an overview of his works, themes, and influences. I illustrate Zend's themes of exile & identity, sources & inspirations, myth & religion, metaphysical notions, & the interplay of dream & reality with poems, prose fragments, & summaries of short fiction. Finally, I recount my engagement with Zend, my project of translating his work into Esperanto, the enthusiastic support of the Zend family for this project & the revelation that Zend himself was an Esperantist. [51 minutes: sound file]
This is the latest in a logical progression of podcasts on Hungarian literature, utopianism, and Esperanto.

Key markers in this podcast:
  • 0 min.: Introduction.
  • 5 min.: Who was Robert Zend?
  • 8 min.: Zend's themes & works & where to find them.
  • 14 min.: Recitation of poems or excerpts from Zend illustrating the themes mentioned.
  • 40:30 min.: Outline of key pieces from Daymares.
  • 47 min.: My discovery of Zend & the Esperanto connection.
  • 50 min.: Zend poem: "Sky Blue".
I have been translating some of Zend's work into Esperanto, some of which will appear with an essay on Zend in the Esperanto literary journal Beletra Almanako.

Here are key links, entry points into Zend's world:
"An Overview of Zend in 50 minutes"--an announcement of my podcast --now headlines The Robert Zend Website's audio page as a result of the family's enthusiastic response.

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