John Beveridge, Esperanto, & a librarian's translation

52 Weeks of Historical How-To’s, Week 28: translating 17th century verse into Esperanto
Echoes from the Vault
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 8 May 2013

Now this is different. The Reverend John Beveridge (1857-1943) bequeathed his Esperanto collection to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Beveridge participated in the translation of the New Testament into Esperanto.

The blogger decided to translate a Latin poem written by Andrew Bruce in 1612 which celebrates the foundation of the University Library by James VI & I. He earlier translated the poem into English and now translated it from English into Esperanto. So here he presents his Esperanto translation of “De Bibliotheca a serenissimo Reg Jacobo Andreapoli erecta, variisque selectissimorum authorum monumentis locupletat.”

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