Vasilij Eroŝenko (2)

Kvankam la koncerna retejo estas plejparte ruslingva, jen esperantlingva artikolo:

Unu teksto en tri kuntekstoj (Versaĵo de V.J. Eroshenko “Homarano”) de Sergej M. Prohhorov

Ekzistas Yahoo-grupo eroshenko_epoko · Vasilij Eroshenko kaj lia epoko. La ĉefa lingvo estas la rusa, sed la priskribo estas anglalingva:
/"Vasily Eroshenko And His Time"/ as a discussion group is a continuation of the virtual scientific conference held in 2002 under the same name. The group is dedicated to life and work of Vasily(Vassily) Eroshenko (1890-1952), an author of the Russian /"Silver Age"/, analysis of his works and of the literature about his person as well as his detailed biography. Evaluation of Vassily Eroshenko's place in the Japanese, Russian, and Esperanto literary history is also among its interests.

The main working language of this group is Russian, but we would also be ready to answer to postings sent in English or Esperanto and to work
with their authors.

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