Robert Zend’s novel novel 'Nicolette' (2)

I previously blogged about my recent review:
Robert Zend’s Novel Novel Nicolette: Not Quite a Review by R. Dumain
My review is now linked on the Zend site:
Nicolette - The Robert Zend Website
... with this excerpt:
Reading the novel felt to me like reading an amalgam of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and James Joyce. Joyce is layered and dense in both structure and language. Vonnegut’s prose is easy to read and deceptively simple, though the content is rich. Zend’s prose is easy to read and the “plot” (once pieced together) is simple, but the structure, which I have merely outlined, is highly complex. Zend does not impose formal constraints on the text as the Oulipo writers do, yet the formal structure of the text puts it in a comparable experimental camp. This structure comprises the real content and interest of the novel, amplifying the psychological states that accompany relationships and the creative process.
Mia anglalingva recenzo de la avangarda romano Nicolette de la hungara-kanadana verkisto (kaj adepto de Esperanto) Robert Zend nun troveblas referencita ĉe la retejo de Zend (jen retligoj supre) kun ĉerpaĵo el mia recenzo.

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