Robert Zend (1929-1985): my podcast (3)

In my first post about my podcast on Robert Zend, Hungarian-Canadian writer and Esperantist ...

5/26/17 Robert Zend: Between Budapest & Toronto, Between Zero & One, Between Dream & Reality

... I broke down the podcast into its major segments. From the 14-minute to 40:30-minute mark you will find my recitation of poems or excerpts from Zend illustrating the themes mentioned.  Below are the themes and the works I recite.

Note that on these pages you will also find my Esperanto translations for all of these items. My master Esperanto Zend page is:

Robert Zend en Esperanto


A. Identity:
1. [In a country where everyone is searching for identity], October 1, 1980, in Beyond Labels
2. In Transit, October 30, 1970, in Beyond Labels
3. Fused Personality, October 20, 1981, in Beyond Labels

B. Sources & inspirations:
4. Between One and Two (by Frigyes Karinthy), quoted in From Zero to One
5. Sign (for Ferenc Karinthy), in From Zero to One
6. On Karinthy, excerpt from Preface: Labels, in Beyond Labels
7. Dedication to Ardôs, from Oāb, Book 2

C. Myth & religion:
8. Office Memo, in From Zero to One
9. God Dead?, January 13, 1967, in Beyond Labels
10. 5980 A.D., in Stellar #6: Science-Fiction Stories

D. Metaphysics
11. A Love Letter, February 7, 1963, in Beyond Labels
12. About Souls, April 17, 1969, in Beyond Labels
13. Enigma, January 10, 1967, in Beyond Labels

At the end of my podcast (50-minute mark) I recite the poem "Sky Blue" (March 27, 1964), from Beyond Labels.

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