Leendert Cornelis Deij: "Al la Juda Foririnto" / "To the Jew Who Walked Away"

This post commemorates the Holocaust Days of Remembrance in 2017. Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah) marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Let us remember also that all of Zamenhof's children were murdered by the Nazis, and Esperanto was targeted as a Jewish conspiracy.

For decades this original Esperanto Holocaust-related poem has been my favorite on the theme of the Shoah. (I discovered some excellent Hungarian Holocaust poetry--some of which also has Esperanto translations--last year, but that is another story.) An English translation received a commendation in a British literary competition. I have reported on the poem, the poet, and the translation on this blog several times previously. I finally obtained the English translation, which I have added to the Esperanto original:

"Al la Juda Foririnto" / "To the Jew Who Walked Away"
by Leendert Cornelis Deij with English translation by Elizabeth Stanley

Note also William Auld's English translation:

Al la juda foririnto / To the Jewish Departed / Al judío que marchó
English translation by William Auld, literal Spanish translation by Fátima Maritela Marinera

Note that I have previously misspelled Deij's middle name, which should read ‘Cornelis’. ‘Leendert Cornelis Deij’ also appears under the names ‘Leen Deij’ and ‘Lodewijk Cornelis Deij’. When I figure out how to correct the subject heading, I will alter it to ‘Leendert Cornelis Deij’.

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