Utopia in Four Movements revisited

Utopia in Four Movements was a multimedia "live documentary" by Sam Green and Dave Cerf. It was presented at various venues around the country and abroad, including the American Film Institute's Silverdocs Documentary Festival in Silver Spring, Maryland (just outside of Washington, DC) on June 26, 2010. (See my blog entry on this performance.) This "live documentary" included film clips, narration, and live music. Is there any video of one of these performances as a whole? I do not know. Here are a few fragments on video.

                Utopia en 4 Movimientos. Segunda presentacion
Utopia en 4 Movimientos. Segunda presentacion from AMBULANTE on Vimeo.

   Utopia, Part 3  1/2 - 2/2: The World's Largest Shopping Mall

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