Sándor Szathmári 40 years on / post 40 jaroj (2)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Hungarian Esperantist satirist Sándor Szathmári, author of the landmark utopian / dystopian novel Voyage to Kazohinia. (Note my blurb. Buy copies for you and your friends!)

I have blogged about Szathmári for some time, but here are some new items for your information.

Aside from Kazohinia, and my unpublished translations, this is the one other English translation from Szathmári, now on my web site:

The Perfect Citizen” by Sándor Szathmári, translated from Esperanto by Colin H. Hewitt

Aside from a review or two, there is as yet no critical literature in English. I have been accumulating reviews and critiques written in Esperanto. I recently another critique of Szathmári, which turns out to be one of the best:

La Senkompata Humanisto” [The merciless humanist] de István Simon

So who is paying attention to Szathmári in this anniversary year?

There was an Esperantist symposium in Europe, reported here:

Literatura kafejo omaĝis al Sándor Szathmári, Esperanta Civito, HeKo 564 8-B, 19 septembro 2014

Two articles were published in the Esperanto literary magazine Literatura Foiro #270, by László Radacsy ("Inde giganto, malinde nano") kaj Giorgio Silfer, announced on the web site of Esperanta Civito:

Literatura Foiro 270 esee abundas

I am not familiar with the critical literature in Hungarian, but I believe there are fairly recent academic dissertations in Hungary. Here are a few tributes in Hungarian online:

Kuczka Péter. Szathmáry Sándor. In memoriam Szathmáry Sándor (1897-1974), Galaktika 13. Tudományos-fantasztikus antológia. Budapest: Kozmosz Könyvek, 1975. 121. p. (Galaktika.)

Alexis Strauss. Az elfelejtett utópista - Szathmáry Sándor. Kuruc.info, 2011-08-28.

Tófalvy Éva. Gyulától Kazohiniáig. Bárka Online; Megjelent a 2012/1-es Bárkában.

Finally, here is a reminder of my Szathmári bibliography/web guide, where these references and others are accumulated:

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