Red Esperanto

Red Esperanto by Paul D. Brazill is a noir novellette set in Warsaw.  It is most readily available in a Kindle edition via Amazon UK. Amazon lets you peek inside the work, and the publisher offers a sample, as well as a product description and author mini-biography.

From the publisher's web site:
In a ghostly and post communist Varsavia, that reminds us of Chicago during the ’30, Luke Case is spending his days with Ukrainian prostitutes, “medium level” gangsters and elderly English professors. During his days built on booze, casual sex and fleeting love, Luke will learn on his own skin that the city is more insidious that he had ever thought.
The product description at Amazon is composed in better English:
Red Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon, written by Paul D. Brazill and published by Atlantis, are part of a series of noir novelettes that are set in various cities around the world. (Also available translated into Italian.)

Red Esperanto: Warsaw.

In snow smothered Warsaw, boozy English hack Luke Case encounters Jolanta, a beautiful young woman with a gangster husband.

Death On A Hot Afternoon: Madrid.

After the brutal events in Red Esperanto, Luke Case escapes Warsaw and heads off to the heat of Madrid where he meets a mysterious torch singer and an agreeing journalist with a violent past.

More Luke Case novelettes are coming soon ...

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Paul D Brazill said...

Thanks for the mention. The Esperanto in the story is a district of Warsaw though my girlfriend used to sing in an Esperanto choir. Cheers!