Paul Olchvary interview

An interview with Paul Olchvary, publisher of New Europe Books, has just appeared:

"Mom says you were dumb to publish books, because you don’t make any money" - hlo.hu
Hungarian Literature Online, 10. 09. 2017

Although it is not mentioned in this interview, Paul published the English translation of Sándor Szathmári's landmark utopian/ dystopian novel Voyage to Kazohinia, written in Hungarian and Esperanto. He contacted me first of all to blurb his edition of the novel (the first published in the USA) and then to participate in a symposium on Szathmári at the Hungarian Consulate in New York City.

Paul summarizes his background and the path that led him to writing, translation, and publishing. He discusses the situation of translation and small presses as well as the process of translation. Also mentioned are some Hungarian authors he has worked on and with.

Congratulations to Paul on receiving this well-deserved public exposure!

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