Josef Nesvadba: Czech science fiction in English & Esperanto

. . . t.e., ĉeĥa sciencfikcio en Esperanto & la angla.

Nesvadba, Josef. La perdita vizaĝo, tradukis Adolf Staňura. Prago: Ĉeĥa Esperanto-Asocio, 1974.

Mallumo [ = Darkness. No English translation found]
Tamburpafado [ = Drumshooting (lit.) = Drumbeating? No English translation found]
Idioto el Xeenemuende = The Half-wit of Xeenemuende (1960)
Proceso, pri liu neniu eksciis = The Trial Nobody Ever Heard Of
La Tabuo = Tabu (1958) [no English translation found]
La perdita vizaĝo = The Lost Face
La invento kontraŭ la inventinto = Inventor of His Own Undoing
Stella el la tria astro [ = Stella from the third heavenly body. No English translation found]
La cerbo de Einstein = The Einstein Brain (1960)
La mondpereo [ = The end of the world. No English translation found]

Almost all I know about non-Russian Eastern European literatures, whether or not English translations of the relevant works exist, comes through Esperanto. In the 1970s I read this collection of science fiction stories by Czech author Josef Nesvadba (1926-2005) in Esperanto translation. I'm pretty sure I liked this book, but I didn't think then to see if his work could be found in English. I also did not know that Nesvadba was Czechoslovakia's most eminent SF writer. (There are also film versions of some of his work.) And so I left Mr. Nesvadba to himself until a few days ago. As it turns out, there is more available in English than I have found in Esperanto, but there are a few stories in this Esperanto anthology for which I cannot find English equivalents. Here are some sources on Nesvadba in English:

The Josef Nesvadba Page

Biography and Bibliography

Interview with Joseph Nesvadba (1996)

-- Stories --
The Half-wit of Xeenemuende (1960)
Horribly Beautiful, Beautifully Horrible (1993)
The Einstein Brain (1960)
The Storeroom of Lost Desire (1989)
Dr. Moreau's Other Island (1962)
Nesvadba, Josef / SFE

Josef Nesvadba - Summary Bibliography

Translated SF | Josef Nesvadba

Josef Nesvadba: stories: Questions for reading

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