Ralph Dumain leads seminar on "Voyage to Kazohinia" at CUNY (1)

Above is the poster for my seminar.

Below are the various announcements on CUNY (City University of New York) blogs:

Ralph Dumain on "Voyage to Kazohinia"

CUNY Academic Commons: Possible Worlds, Alternative Futures: The Utopian Studies Seminar of CUNY
March 7: Seminar with Ralph Dumain on Voyage to Kazohinia

Some Resources in Preparation for Thursday’s seminar

Podcast by Ralph Dumain
The Center for the Humanities:Possible Worlds, Alternative Futures: Utopianism in Theory and Practice
Ralph Dumain on "Voyage to Kazohinia"
Here is a quick snapshot of an electronic bulletin board (posted at various places in the building) advertising the event:

Here is a photograph taken at the seminar, courtesy of Neil Blonstein:

I began with a 10-minute introduction. A lively discussion followed, the attendees, consisting mostly of professors and graduate students, all of whom asked key questions and contributed important thoughts on the subject. The event was a smashing success. I will write up a full report.

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