Herman Melville in Esperanto

First, the Wikipedia article in Esperanto:

Herman Melville - Vikipedio

Here is a translation from Billy Budd, in verse form:

"Billy — katenita" de Herman MELVILLE, elangligis Bruno GAHLER, Norda Prismo, 1957/3, p. 138.

Since then, the main Esperanto translator has been Liland Brajant Ros’ / Ros’ Haruo, whose translations are available on the web (note though that the link on Don Harlow’s Esperanto literature web site doesn’t work):

La Lilandejo: Literaturo

. . specifically:

WORD files of "La ’Gioj" can also be found at:



Also from Ros’ Haruo:

Ros Haruo: Moby Dick: The Mudcat Cafe: Speaking of Whaling Ballads


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those links, Ralph. However, your link to "Partoj de M-D" doesn't work, at least not unless the enquirer has an Earthlink email account. The correct link is this one.

Haruo aka Leland

Ralph Dumain said...

I corrected all three defective links.