Graham Greene & Esperanto (4): Confidential Agent (film)

Segments of the film Confidential Agent (1945, 118 min.) could once be found on YouTube, and the entire film was once available via the Online Movie Database, but no more. One sequence no longer viewable on YouTube was with Peter Lorre speaking in Entrenationo.

The film cannot at this time be obtained through Netflix, but a DVD does exist; it was released earlier this year and is part of the Warner Archive Collection. Here is a DVD Savant review by Glenn Erickson, 4 May 2011. Here is one paragraph from this review:

Confidential Agent has a number of inspired touches, the most amusing being a pathetic language school where Peter Lorre works. Ian Wolfe has invented an Esperanto-like international language and is convinced that world peace can be achieved if everyone simply learns to talk in the new tongue. Lorre is hilarious, conducting absurd language lessons that will never amount to anything. The scene nails the desperation of an intelligent man working a job that belongs in Alice's Wonderland. Lorre's efforts will also be amusing to language teachers.
Several reviews can be found online. Here are two more, neither of which mention Entrenationo:

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