Handbook of Volapük

Menad bal pük bal!

Not quite what you think. Yes, Charles E. Sprague’s 1888 Handbook of Volapük is available online, and there are other resources on Volapük available online:


But what I'm talking about here is a recent novel—yes, a novel!—published in 2006: A Handbook of Volapük by Andrew Drummond.

See also the amazon.com entry, but more importantly, Andy Drummond has his own web site with a section on the novel:


The full title:

A Hand-Book of Volapük and an Elementary Manual of its Grammar and Vocabulary, Prepared from the Gathered Papers of Gemmell Hunter Ibidem Justice; Together with an Account of Events Relating to the Annual General Meeting of 1891 of the Edinburgh Society for the Propagation of a Universal Language.

Edited for the First Time by Dr. Charles Cordiner,
Emeritus Professor of Phrenology at Fraserburgh University.
Partisans of Volapük, Esperanto, and rival international language projects battle it out in late 19th century Europe. A whodunit of historic proportions.

There are links to other pages, including an extract, reviews, and a web guide to materials on Volapük:


See also this review:

"Universal Languages" by Hannah Adcock

I've never seen this book, let alone read it, but I'll be on the lookout. Might be a good book for a reading club.

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